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This website is using Cookies and Sessions in order to function at full capacity. Please read this page once in a while to make sure that you have read everything. We may change the contents of this page once in a while as requested by site changes / improvements of functionality.


Sessions are used mainly for administrator website login, since there is not user panel at the moment. Also, they are used for the search engine when transferring data from index page to results page and from results page to report page. The sessions also clear from the browser and you computer at browser close. 

What is a Cookie and what does it do ?

Essentially, a cookie is a small file of text that is dropped on a user’s browser by a website, when the user visits the site.

The cookie serves to give the website a “memory”, enabling it to retain information such as:

All in all, cookies are an important and often indispensable means of presenting a smooth and responsive digital experience for the users. The problem with cookies, however, is that they function out of sight (many don’t even really know what they are and what they do), and that they track personal data and can be used to create dauntingly rich and accurate user profiles.

Type of cookies

There exists various types of cookies, and they can be grouped according to their purpose, their duration, and provenance.

How uses cookies

Here on we use cookies from Third Party only, as described below. The use of First Party Cookies that refer to Sessions, was described at the beginning of this document.

The cookies that we use, are the following:


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