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14 Best PHP Help Desk Scripts

http://code.tutsplus.com/articles/best-php-help-desk-scripts--cms-30638  Broken link?

If you sell services or products on your own website, you need a good, reliable Help Desk system that will enable your clients or customers to reach you...

10 Advanced PHP Tips

https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/03/10-useful-php-tips-revisited/  Broken link?

March 24, 2009 — Here, on the Smashing Editorial team, we always try to meet the expectations of our readers. We do our best to avoid misunderstandings, and we try to spread knowedge and present only the best design practices and development te

Test-Driven PHP in Action

https://code.tutsplus.com/courses/test-driven-php-in-action  Broken link?

In this course, join Radoslaw Benkel, as he takes you through the ins and outs of using PHP’s most popular test-suite, PHPUnit. Along the way, you’ll of...

The Digital Experience Platform that Empowers You | MODX

https://modx.com/  Broken link?

Great for any PHP CMS or application; Best-in-class security & performance; Support & services from experienced developers; Free SSL certificates; Nightly ...

DataTables | Table plug-in for jQuery

https://datatables.net/  Broken link?

26th Feb 2019. Web Inventions have published a PHP package (installable via Composer, PSR-7 support) which supports server-side processing.

FAQ | dafont.com

https://www.dafont.com/faq.php  Broken link?

... long text, you can embed the font so that visitors download it at the same time as the page, using the CSS3 @font-face property. - Generate an image with PHP.

PHP Programming Basics - HowtoForge

https://www.howtoforge.com/php_programming_basics  Broken link?

For example, I want to save the message “Hello Haroon” in memory and then first display “PHP Tutorial” and afterward the message I stored; I will write the ...

Advanced PHP - Lynda.com

https://www.lynda.com/PHP-tutorials/PHP-Advanced-Topics/483233-2.html  Broken link?

4 days ago ... This document is a guide for installing Arch Linux from the live system booted with the official installation image. Before installing, it would be ...

Getting Started With Laravel 4

https://code.tutsplus.com/courses/getting-started-with-laravel-4  Broken link?

It is no exaggeration to say that Laravel has taken the PHP community by storm. If you're ready to start learning Laravel, this course will cover all the...

Shareholders Info | JSE SENS ... - Steinhoff International Holdings NV

http://www.steinhoffinternational.com/sens.php  Broken link?

11 Aug 2016 ... Here is code that I used with to work with REST API on a LAMP (LINUX, APACHE , MYSQL, PHP) server that i setup on my LAPTOP using ...

Enhance Your Laravel App With Vue.js

https://code.tutsplus.com/courses/enhance-your-laravel-app-with-vuejs  Broken link?

Laravel is a great framework for building PHP web apps, making it easy to get started and to deliver a solid product. To take the user experience to the next...

Build a CMS With Laravel

https://code.tutsplus.com/courses/build-a-cms-with-laravel  Broken link?

Laravel is a PHP framework for modern web apps. Now on version 5, it’s a mature system that continues to win support due to its elegance and stability....

Display errors on screen even with display errors = off with PHP

http://www.pixel2life.com/viewtutorial/88089/display_errors_on_screen_even_with_display_errors_off_with_php/  Broken link?

Display errors on screen even with display errors = off with PHP

26 YouTube Channels To Boost Your Web Development Career in ...

https://optimizerwp.com/web-development-tutorial-youtube/  Broken link?

12 May 2016 ... codecourse has a great library of PHP tutorials. You can build a complete website from scratch following their detailed step by step PHP ...

The Big PHP IDE Test: Why Use One And Which To Choose

https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/02/the-big-php-ides-test-why-use-oneand-which-to-choose/  Broken link?

February 12, 2009 — Everyone wants to be more productive, make fewer mistakes and write good code. Of course, that all depends on you, but in most cases integrated development environments (IDEs) can help you achieve those goals more easily. Un

Magento Fundamentals

https://code.tutsplus.com/courses/magento-fundamentals  Broken link?

Magento can be a tricky thing to figure out because it’s one of the most complex PHP systems out there. Thing is, you can learn how to use it properly, you...

PHP Design Patterns

https://code.tutsplus.com/courses/php-design-patterns  Broken link?

Design patterns are the lifeblood of object-oriented programming. They are solutions to problems that every developer faces with just about every application...

Android localhost login

https://mtek.be/qvcvwxg/android-localhost-login.html  Broken link?

Welcome to our new tutorial where we will discuss each and every aspect of Android Login and Registration with PHP MySQL. For some reason, my requests to ...

How to Start a Telegram Bot With PHP

https://code.tutsplus.com/articles/how-to-start-a-telegram-bot-with-php--cms-26329  Broken link?

We are going to create a bot, connect it with analytics, write some code, and add a bot to a bot store.

How to Start a Telegram Bot With PHP

http://code.tutsplus.com/articles/how-to-start-a-telegram-bot-with-php--cms-26329  Broken link?

We are going to create a bot, connect it with analytics, write some code, and add a bot to a bot store.

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